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  • Making A Giveaway Randomizer App With JQuery

  • The first Tutorialzine giveaway has finished! Now is the time to draw the winners. But, as this is a web development blog, we cannot just run an ORDER BY RAND() MySQL query in phpMyAdmin. Even more, three different sets of prizes must be awarded. This calls for a bit more stylish approach – a dedicated randomizer jQuery app, especially made for choosing winners in competitions and giveaways. The app is divided in three steps – in step one you provide a list of the contestants’ name and email, divided by a comma (each contestant on a separate line). In the second step, you provide a prize name and a number, signifying the number of copies that have been offered. In the last step, you get a randomly selected list of contestants and their prizes.
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Making a Giveaway Randomizer App with jQuery
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