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  • Making a Giveaway Randomizer App with jQuery

  • The first Tutorialzine giveaway has finished! Now is the time to draw the winners. But, as this is a web development blog, we cannot just run an ORDER BY RAND() MySQL query in phpMyAdmin. Even more, three different sets of prizes must be awarded. This calls for a bit more stylish approach – a dedicated randomizer jQuery app, especially made for choosing winners in competitions and giveaways. The app is divided in three steps – in step one you provide a list of the contestants’ name and email, divided by a comma (each contestant on a separate line). In the second step, you provide a prize name and a number, signifying the number of copies that have been offered. In the last step, you get a randomly selected list of contestants and their prizes.

  • Making an AJAX Web Chat (Part 1) – PHP and MySQL

  • When discussing real time communication, there aren’t many solutions that can rival the power of a simple webchat. What is even better, is that you already have all the tools you need to create one – your web browser. This, coupled with the fact that this is also one of the most requested tutorials by Tutorialzine’s readers, means that it is about time to start coding. In this two-part tutorial, we will be creating an AJAX Web Chat using PHP, MySQL and jQuery. In this first part, we will be discussing the PHP & MySQL side, and next week we will continue with the jQuery and CSS front-end.

  • jQuery’s Data Method – How and Why to Use It

  • jQuery’s data method gives us the ability to associate arbitrary data with DOM nodes and JavaScript objects. This makes our code more concise and clean. As of jQuery 1.4.3 we also have the ability to use the method on regular JavaScript objects and listen for changes, which opens the doors to some quite interesting applications.

  • Making an Apple-style Splash Screen

  • The Beatles are on iTunes! Or, if you are like me and don’t care that much about it, you’ve probably noticed the awesome splash screen that Apple used to promote the event. Risking to start a trend, in this tutorial we are going to create a simple jQuery plugin that will display fancy Apple-style splash screens for us.

  • An HTML5 Slideshow with Canvas & jQuery

  • You’ve probably heard a lot about the new HTML5 canvas element. As the name implies, this is a special element that allows us to create and modify graphics. In addition, we can also use it like any other element on the page – apply jQuery animations on it, listen for events and integrate it deeply into our layouts. All uses of canvas you’ve come so far are probably limited to games and other proof of concept demos. Today, however, we are doing something practical – we are making a progressively enhanced slideshow with a fancy transitioning effect, which is perfectly functional in older browsers as well.

  • Quick Feedback Form with PHP and jQuery

  • When releasing a web product, there is nothing more beneficial than receiving early feedback from your users. Unfortunately, many websites make it unnecessarily difficult to send your feedback or lack this functionality altogether Today we are making a simple solution to this problem. Powered by jQuery, PHP and the PHPMailer class, this form sends the users’ suggestions directly to your mailbox.

  • CSS3 Animated Bubble Buttons

  • This week we are creating a useful set of animated buttons with the power of CSS3′s multiple backgrounds and animations. With this button pack, you can easily turn any link on your page into an animated button by just assigning a class name. No JavaScript necessary. Four color themes and three sizes are also available by assigning additional class names.

  • Stylish Coming Soon Page with jQuery

  • When starting work on a new website idea, the first thing you probably do is to acquire the domain name and set up some sort of a coming soon page (remember those construction site gif animations? Don’t use them!). It is actually a good idea to invest some time in the development of this page. This is the first encounter visitors have with you and your product. You can even use it as a marketing channel and let people subscribe to your launch newsletter. This is why, today we are creating a stylish coming soon page, using PHP, MySQL and jQuery. It will allow you to collect visitors’ emails and store them in a simple database table. On the presentation side, it features a slick slideshow with the help of the Nivo Slider plugin.

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