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  • Social Truck Icon Set

  • Social Truck Icon set consists of 10 social network icons; delivered as PNGs at the super-size of 512 pixels and these cute icons are designed by Andrea Austoni exclusively for readers only. Andrea is an Italian freelance designer currently living in Krakow, Poland. He specializes in icon design and illustration. He runs Cute Little Factory, his portfolio and blog, where he frequently publishes tutorials and freebies. As usual, these icons are absolutely free and you are allowed to use them in personal or commercial project. Just don’t redistribute, re-sell or attempt to make profit out of it. If you like it, consider linking back to this entry or share it with your friends. We hope these Social Truck icons will bring you more traffic or caused a traffic congestion on your website or blog :-) Read more: Freebie Release: Social Truck Icon Set

  • HP Dock Icon Set

  • This deviation seems to be getting the most attention of all my other deviations, so I've made this a one-stop visit for all my HydroPRO icons. Every single icon is free to use commercially or not! This pack only includes the .PNG files but you can get the ICO's from most of the packs links: Main set [link] (ICO link in the description) Version 2 [link] Tower [link] Monitor [link] Mac Edition [link]

  • Stationery Icon Set

  • This is a useful set of 22 vector icons (256 by 256 pixels). It contains book, brush, crayon, clip, color pencils, document, eraser, pad, palette, post-it note, scale and scissors, as well as the Fireworks source file. In particular, you may want to use the set in corporate designs and on blogs for various purposes. The set was designed by Deziner Folio and is released in conjunction with Smashing Magazine as a gift to our readers and the design community.

  • Soccer Icon Set

  • We are aware it’s winter out there right now, but it’s always good to prepare for summer early, right? This set was designed with the owners of sport-related websites in mind. If you are a fan or have designed a soccer-related website, these icons may come in handy. The set contains 8 icons in resolutions ranging from 32×32 to 512×512 pixels. It was designed by the design agency Artua especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

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