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  • 20 Examples of High Level Typography in Website Design

  • This article showcases several high-level typography-related sites: fist we’ve looked for sites of excellent typographic artists, logo and type designers or studios, secondly for the sites of agencies or foundations that offer design-related prizes (typography included, of course) and, last but not least, for graphic designers’ sites that display great type graphics in themselves. This article will help you see, therefore, great examples of integrating type into the site-graphics and experimenting with type in web-design.

  • Juicy Resources: 20+ Amazing Product PSD files found on DeviantART

  • Not every designer has the time to start from scratch on projects, these PSD files help you to edit each one to suit your needs for various projects you may be designing for. These are a selection of over twenty PSD files which I have found over on DeviantART, specifically of various electronic products. They include great up-to-date files of products such as; iPhone, Blackberry, PSP and Nintendo DS.

  • 21+ Free High Quality PSD Files to Download

  • This collection of free PSD Files can be a real timesaver for your works. Most Designer share thier creative design for free, and why they do that? I believe if it were the right hands, people who use it will learn something from that stuff. In other word the designer want to share thier knowledge with other and that is awesome, we should thanks for them. I have a list of 21+ Free High Quality PSD Files to Download, and some layered PSD files that are just perfect to learn how high quality resources are made. Please share this post with other if you find these posts useful. Click on image to download, also be aware about license terms and agreements before you put them in use.

  • A Collection of Photoshop Business Card Tutorials and Free PSD Files

  • Business Card Design Project Walkthrough - Design a business card in photoshop tutorial - Designing a Professional Business Card in Photoshop - Ideas for Business Card Layouts - Creating a Colorful Vibrant Business Card - How to setup a business card in Photoshop - Cardboard and Torn Paper Business Card - Design a Cool Grunge Business Card - Making a Grungy Business Card

  • The 30 best web designs agencies around the world

  • Currently, I am working on the creation of my Websites creation company. For several years I worked as a professional web designer and today my meaning says it is time for me to think about boosting my career. With this creation, I hope to offer better services to my customers in the design as well as in the development. For sure, building his own company is not so easy, however the biggest difficulty for me (and I was not prepared for this to happen) is to use my brain for my communication. Even if I use to do it for my customers, all is much more complicate when I have to do it for my own Website, I never can agree with me to take the final decision regarding the style, the form, the colours etc…in this way, the good idea is to check all what is already done on the web, to keep the best and to let the mistakes on the left. It is why I decide today to let you discover what I found; also, find now the selection of the 30 most beautiful, efficient and original companies websites.

  • Set of 10 best Photoshop tutorials for Water effects!

  • It is already time for the second article of this issue; learn to do all with the elements. One week ago, I started it with an article dedicated to Fire (please, refer to this page) and today, I continue it selecting 10 amazing tutorials to create water using Photoshop. You can get multiple effects of water like splash, ice, underwater, etc…Google Search on this theme will retrieve plenty results. It is why, especially for you, I selected 10 of them, but the 10 best of them Be ready with this tutorials storm, so, let’s go and check the links below:

  • Set of 10 best Photoshop tutorials for fire effects

  • I am starting today with a new set of articles which will enjoy all fans of design and especially the Photoshop’s fans. I am myself a big fan of this software and I know thousand of good addresses to help to create and to learn. Then, I am going to give you a list of good links to tutorials which will enjoy you and help you to create nice and magical pictures! For the first article of this set, I have selected around ten tutorials to create Fire with Photoshop. Good luck to all of you and I wish you a good creation

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